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JT Innovations provides innovative products for car tuning enthusiasts worldwide. We have a small but growing range of products, primarily intended for users of after-market engine management systems such as Syvecs.

toucan unit shop

Our flagship product is Toucan which provides a wide range of “soft” gauges, alarms, and touchscreen selection of engine maps.

For further information on this exciting alternative to traditional pod-mounted gauges, please click here or follow the links on the left.

We also manufacture cable assemblies and supply a range of sensors, making the installation of after-market engine management systems much easier. Why not visit our shop for details of assemblies available off the shelf, or contact us if you have a requirement for a custom cable assembly, and we’ll do our best to help.

With thanks to Syvecs, the following video shows a Toucan installed in a Nissan GTR.




Latest News

Up and running in our new office/workshop


Took a while longer than hoped, but we are now up and running in our new office.

 New Office


New phone number, new office.


We will be moving to Portland, Dorset next week and will also be taking on a small office/workshop. This will greatly improve our ability to do wiring looms etc – but will put us out of action for about a week from Wednesday 19th February.

Worse than that, due to a monumental BT c*ck up, our business number has been cancelled 1 week early and there seems little chance of it being re-enabled.

So we have activated our new number – 01305 534535 – which I can only access from a softphone on my laptop for now, but I will do my best to answer calls. If not, they will go to voicemail and I will respond as soon as I can.

Thanks all :)