JT Innovations provides innovative wiring services and products to car tuning enthusiasts worldwide.

Wiring services include simple sensors and cables, retro-fit modification looms, such as AVCS/VVT wiring or coilpack conversions, OEM engine loom repairs and re-manufacturing, and full custom engine looms.

We have a small but growing range of products, primarily intended for users of after-market engine management systems such as Syvecs, AlcaTek and MoTeC.

Our flagship product is Toucan which provides a wide range of “soft” gauges, alarms, and touchscreen selection of engine maps.

For further information on this exciting alternative to traditional pod-mounted gauges, please click here.

We also manufacture cable assemblies and supply a range of sensors, making the installation of after-market engine management systems much easier. Why not visit our shop for details of assemblies available off the shelf, or contact us if you have a requirement for a custom cable assembly, and we’ll do our best to help.

With thanks to Syvecs, the following video shows a Toucan installed in a Nissan GTR.